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Lumin Machine

This exciting collaboration combines Australia’s leading new music ensemble, Ensemble Offspring, UK/Australian piano/keyboard soloist Zubin Kanga (Cyborg Soloist) with cutting-edge technology and new compositions from around the world.

Combining Australia’s most virtuosic musicians with sensors, micro-tonal keyboards and voice control of electronics, this concert showcases weird, otherwordly, serene and joyful sounds.

Kanga and Ensemble Offspring have selected three leading composers from Australia and Germany to commission, each featuring a different technology. Amanda Cole’s new work for Lumatone keyboard and instrumental ensemble uses her 48-note scale called ‘Cube Tuning’, used on the ground-breaking Lumatone keyboard and matched by the ensemble playing a contemporary chaconne. Tristan Coelho’s Captain Keyboard features the pianist as protagonist becoming aware of "special powers" wielded through a wearable motion-sensor ring that enables real-time triggering and manipulation of audio. Initially a force for good, Captain Keyboard turns increasingly villainous, shaping and controlling the overall sound world and the musical ideas of other instruments. And in Brigitta Muntendorf's new work featuring Vochlea voice control software, the pianist is a monstrous techno-social hallucination. The ensemble acts as a type of community exploring different interactions with this alien-like soloist.

The new works will be complemented by Zubin Kanga’s own new work that spins a vibrant whirling dance of the ensemble centered around the rhythmic arpeggiations of an analogue synthesizer, and Ensemble Offspring’s arrangement of Anna Meredith’s wild, rhythmic and joyful Bumps per Minute for keyboard, percussion and electronics.