Cyborg Pianist

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Hypnagogia (after Bach)– synthesizers, piano, MiMU gloves and electronics


Vicentino, love you – TouchKeys keyboard and Prophet Rev II synthesizer


New Work – piano, Genki Wave ring, live electronics and live video


just trying to do what I’m told and keep up and do the best that I can – piano, voice, objects, live electronics.


SHOW(ti)ME – MiMU sensor gloves, piano, live video and live electronics

Cyborg Pianist

This piano and multimedia programme expands the possibilities of the instrument using cutting-edge technology from Cyborg Soloists industry partners.

Zubin Kanga draws together analogue synthesizers and MiMU’s sensor gloves to morph and melt the sounds of Bach. Oliver Leith uses a TouchKeys keyboard connected to a synthesizer to create a set of intimate microtonal preludes. Alex Ho’s new work explores ancient Chinese stories and superstitions around ghosts, combining a motionsenor ring to control live-generated visuals.

James Saunders’ just trying to do what I’m told and keep up and do the best that I can is a circular conversation between the onstage performer and a computer, each giving the other instructions in a perpetually shifting game. And Laura Bowler’s work SHOW(ti)ME explores musicians’ complex relationships with social media, from the professional to the toxic. It combines live video and audio (including talking emoji), speech, and movement theatre using MiMU’s sensor gloves to shape sounds in the air.