Piano Inside Out (Move Records)

May 8, 2015

Internationally acclaimed Australian pianist, Zubin Kanga releases his first CD with Move Records, Piano Inside Out. It features new innovative solo piano works by Australian composers, commissioned by Kanga and created in close collaboration with him over several years.

About the Album

Features works by Elliott Gyger, Nicholas Vines, Daniel Rojas, David Young, Marcus Whale, Rosalind Page and Anthony Moles, with all the composers exploring new techniques on and inside the piano. Piano Inside Out was nominated for Best Classical Album at the 2015 Australian Independent Music Awards.

Track Listing

  1. …out of obscurity Elliott Gyger 11:30
  2. Uncanny Valley Nicholas Vines 17:12
  3. Entre Bajos y Alturas Daniel Rojas 10:25
  4. Not Music Yet David Young 7:22
  5. Errata Marcus Whale 5:18
  6. Being and Time II: Tabula Rasa Rosalind Page 8:45
  7. Diabolic Machines Anthony Moles 8:49
There's not a dud moment in these high-quality additions to the modern piano repertoire. Kanga's playing is characteristically sophisticated and commanding, and the exquisite quality of the recording is also noteworthy - not a hint of harsh brightness, but rather a deep, warm texture characterised by overtones and resonances roaming freely in a lush sonic landscape. Piano Inside Out is a beautiful recording, rich of layers and nuance.
Lisa MacKinney, Limelight Magazine