Orfordness: Music By David Gorton (Métier)

February 10, 2015

Zubin Kanga (Piano), Neil Heyde (Cello), Christopher Redgate (Oboe), Milton Mermikides (Electronics), Kreutzer Quartet

About the Album

David Gorton, Associate Head of Research Studies at the Royal Academy of Music, is a composer unafraid to use 'straight' instrumentation, electronics and also collage techniques to express himself. A sequel to Gorton's excellent ‘Trajectories’, this album has four extended works each very different, from the eerily descriptive 'Orfordness' (piano solo with taped USAF messages about a UFO sighting) to the 2nd Cello Sonata, the oboe showpiece 'Austerity Measures II' and another location-based work 'Fosdyke Wash'. Top soloists include Christopher Redgate, Neil Heyde and the Kreutzer Quartet and we welcome exciting Australian pianist Zubin Kanga.

Gorton's music may be modern but it is never abstract, always communicating about people and places.

Track List:

  1. Orfordness (18:06)
  2. Austerity Measures II (13:34)
  3. Fosdyke Wash (16:52)
  4. 2nd Sonata for Cello (12:48)
Gorton makes no concessions to his performers — not that those heard here require any 'easy options' when it comes to realising such intricate and exacting pieces. Excellent sound and detailed notes also complement the interpretative conviction needed for this unequivocal music.
— Richard Whitehouse (Gramophone)
David Gorton's program is wild, mysterious, paranoid, dense, difficult, and rarely understated or straight-forward.
– Kraig Lamper (American Record Guide)