Morphosis (Red Sock Records)

February 1, 2016

Featuring Zubin Kanga, Piano and Various Soloists

About the Album

This CD showcases a selection of solo and duo works written between 1998 and 2015. Spanning seventeen years of creative development, the works represent a clear distillation of musical thought that aims to express musical ideas as evolutionary objects along a temporal trajectory. It features Morphosis for piano, 3D sensors and live electronics, commissioned by Zubin Kanga.

Track List:

1 Morphosis
2 ...Of Bones and Muscle
3 Shadowplay
4 Mercurial Sparks, Volatile Shadows
5 Lamellae
6 Sprite
7 Gonk
8 Pareidolia I
9 Isochronous
10 Transilient Fragments
11 Eight Cryptograms: I. for C.R.
12 Eight Cryptograms: II. for G.C.
13 Eight Cryptograms: III. for S.B.
14 Eight Cryptograms: IV. for O.M.
15 Eight Cryptograms: V. for J.H.
16 Eight Cryptograms: VI. for G.L.
17 Eight Cryptograms: VII. for G.L. (2)
18 Eight Cryptograms: VIII. for M.P.
19 Into My Burning Veins a Poison