Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Kanga, Zubin: ‘“Building an instrument” in the collaborative composition and performance of works for piano and live electronics’, Pending Book Chapter in Perspectives on Artistic Research (Pending book chapter in Melbourne: University of Monash Press). 

Gorton, David and Zubin Kanga: “Risky Business: negotiating virtuosity in the collaborative creation of Orfordness for solo piano”, (Pending book chapter in Music and/as Process, Cambridge Scholars). 

Kanga, Zubin: “The Pianist’s Body as Instrument: Performer-controlled electronics as collaborative catalyst in Patrick Nunn’s Morphosis”, Conference Proceedings for London International Piano Symposium (pending publication). 

Callis, Sarah, Neil Heyde, Zubin Kanga and Olivia Sham: “Resistance as a Performative Tool”, Music and Practice, vol. 2, 2015

Kanga, Zubin: “Not Music Yet: Graphic Notation as a Catalyst for Collaborative Metamorphosis”, Eras Journal, vol. 16, no.1, 2014, pp.37-58

Ratcliffe, Robert, Jon Weinel and Zubin Kanga: “Mutations (megamix): Exploring Notions of the ‘DJ set’, ‘Mashup’ and ‘Remix’ through Live Piano-based Performace”, eContact!, Canadian Electroacoustic Community, 2011. 

Conference Papers

2015: “Choreographing the Pianist: The Collaborative Creation of Gestural Innovations”, MANCA Festival/CIRM Study Day, Nice, France, 24 November 2015. 

2015: “Sounding Bodies: Embodiment and Gesture in the collaborative creation of works for Piano and Electronics”, Tracking the Creative Process in Music conference, IRCAM, Paris, 8-10 October 2015. 

2015: ‘“Building an instrument” in the collaborative composition and performance of works for piano and live electronics’, Perspectives on Artistic Research conference, University of Monash, 24-25 July 2015. 

2015: “Building virtual instruments: case studies of gestural innovation in works for piano and electronics”, Inventing Gestures Study Day, Manifeste Festival, IRCAM, Paris, 8 June 2015. 

2015: “The Pianist’s Body as Instrument: Performer-controlled electronics as collaborative catalyst in Patrick Nunn’s Morphosis”, London International Piano Symposium, Royal College of Music, London. 

2014: “Filling in the Gaps: Notational Games in Michael Finnissy’s Z/K” at “The Charisma of Dissonance”  Musicological Society of Australia National Conference, University of Melbourne. 

2014: “Filling in the Gaps: Notational Porosity as Collaborative Strategy in Michael Finnissy’s Z/K”, “Limits of Control” international conference at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium. 

2013: “Creative Resistance: towards a performative understanding of ‘distributed creativity’” (co-written with Sarah Callis, Neil Heyde and Olivia Sham), CMPCP Performance Studies Network Conference, University of Cambridge.

2013: “‘Not Music Yet’: Graphic Notation as a Catalyst for Collaborative Experimentation”, presented at the PhD research projects conference, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London, the Music and/as Process Symposium, University of Huddersfield the Notation in Contemporary Music Symposium, Goldsmiths, University of London, and the Musicological Society of Australia National Conference, Brisbane, Australia. 

2011: “Negotiating Authority, Sharing Authorship: An exploration of Integrative Composer-Performer collaboration in Alex Pozniak’s Interventions”, presented at the MSA National Conference, Perth, WA, Australia. 

2011: “Collaboration Case Study: Michael Cryne’s Broken Clockwork”, co-presented with Michael Cryne, 2nd Annual Composer-Performer Conference, Athens, Greece. 

2011: “Collaborating in Virtuosity: An Agent for Re-Imagining the Creative Process”, co-presented with David Gorton at the Tracking the Creative Process Conference, Lille, France. 

2006: “Listening to the Landscape: The influence of birdsong and nature in David Lumsdaine’s Flights (1967)”, presented at the MSA National Conference, Armidale, NSW, Australia. 


2015: “Piano Inside Out”, solo piano CD featuring newly commissioned works by Australian composers exploring new approaches to the piano, Move Records. 

2015: “Chiaroscuro”, soprano and piano CD (with Jane Sheldon, soprano) of new works by Rosalind Page and Daniel Rojas as well as works by George Crumb, Arnold Schoenberg and Kaija Saariaho, Symbiosis Recordings (pending release). 

2014: “Not Music Yet”, solo piano CD featuring extended version of Not Music Yet by David Young (commissioned by Zubin Kanga in 2012), Hospital Hill Recordings. 

2014: “Orfordness”, solo and chamber music CD (also featuring Christopher Redgate, oboe and the Kreutzer Quartet) of music by David Gorton, NMC Recordings. 



2015: Performances of works by Kate Moore, Per Nørgård and Timo Andres at The Russet, London, presented by Nonclassical. 

2015: “Dark Twin” tour to Melbourne (Metropolis New Music Festival), Sydney and Perth (TURA’s Totally Huge New Music Festival) featuring new works for piano and multimedia by Julian Day, Daniel Blinkhorn and Cat Hope. 

2015: Performanceat the Mars aux Musées Festival, Nice (France) of works by George Crumb and David Young. 

2014: Performance in the “Kammerklang” new music series at Café Oto of Michael Finnissy’s Z/K

2014: “Occupy the Pianos” festival performances, including two piano recitals with Rolf Hind with works by Steve Martland, James Tenney, Georg Frederic Haas, Julius Eastman and Charles Ives. 

2014: “Sui Generis” Recital of new British and American works at Peabody Institute, Baltimore and Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA. 

2014: “Limits of Control” performance of Z/K by Michael Finnissy at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium. 

2013: “Param Vir – In Portrait” performance at BBC Proms of new solo work by Param Vir, RCM, London. 

2013: “Mapping Music” performance at St Leonard’s, Shoreditch, featuring premiere of a solo work by Elo Masing.

2012: “Spectrum” recitals at Melbourne Recital Centre and Independent Theatre, Sydney, featuring 5 world premieres. 

2012: Performance of works by George Benjamin at the Purcell Room, London in “George Benjamin: Jubilation” festival. 

2012: Recital at Kings Place, London, featuring premieres of works by Finnissy and Gorton. 


2015: Soloist in the world premiere performance of From Joyous Leaves, concerto for piano and chamber orchestra, by Elliott Gyger. Performed with the Arcko Symphonic Ensemble, conducted by Timothy Phillips and broadcast on ABC Classic FM. 

2013: Soloist in Concerto Conciso by Thomas Adès, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Adès. Concert also featured Nancarrow’s Studies No. 6 and 7, arranged for two pianos by Adès, performed by Kanga and Adès. 

2011: Soloist, alongside Rolf Hind, in Nuun for Two Pianos and Orchestra by Beat Furrer. Performed with the London Sinfonietta, conducted by Beat Furrer. Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. 


2015: Michael Finnissy’s Chi Mei Ricercari: Performance with cellist, Neil Heyde, exploring this work for piano and cello, to be performed across 7 cellos. 

2015: An Index of Metals by Fausto Romitelli with Ensemble Offspring and Sydney Chamber Opera (the first staged version of the work). 

2015: Future/Retro, 20th Anniversary Concerts with Ensemble Offspring, Sydney. 

2015: Duo performance with soprano, Jane Sheldon at the City University London Concert Series. 

2015: Performances at the Occupy the Pianos Festival of piano duos with Rolf Hind of works by Michael Finnissy, Steve Martland as well as a two piano 8 hands realisation of Julius Eastmans’ Gay Guerrilla. 

2015: Premiere of Tiger’s Nest by Rolf Hind (percussion, two pianos, gamelan ensemble) at Cheltenham Festival (UK). 

2015: Broken Consorts national Australian tour with Ensemble Offspring and Ironwood

2014: Performance of Messiaen’s Quatuor pour la fin du temps in the QSO’s Journey through the Cosmos Science/Music festival. 

2014: Duo performance with violinist, Anna McMichael at the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (featuring a new work by Kate Moore). 

2014: Duo performance with pianist, Daniel Rojas on Sunday Live for ABC Classic FM

2014: “Plekto” Australian tour with Ensemble Offspring (works by Xenakis, Furrer, Harvey and others)

2014: Duo performance with pianist, Rolf Hind at the Occupy the Pianos Festival in London


2015: Adam de la Cour, Neil Luck, Charlie Sdraulig, Elliott Gyger, Daniel Rojas, Alexander Schubert, Damien Ricketson

2014: Daniel Blinkhorn, Julian Day, Cate Hope, Patrick Nunn, Kate Moore 

2013: Elo Masing, Michael Alec, Rose,  Param Vir 

2012: Michael Finnissy, David Gorton, Andrew Harrison, Rosalind Page, Jane Stanley, Marcus Whale, David Young 

2011: Julian Day, Elliott Gyger, Phil Jameson, Anthony Moles, Daniel Rojas, Nicholas Vines 

2010: Alex Pozniak, Drew Crawford, Mark Oliveiro, Max Boon Alexandra Hay, Daniel Rojas, Rosalind Page