Repertoire List

* - indicates World Premiere
+ - indicates Country Premiere
# - indicates consultation with the composer


Thomas Adès
Concerto Conciso for piano and ensemble (1996)#

Béla Bartók
Piano Concerto No. 2

Beat Furrer
Nuun for two pianos and orchestra (1997)#

George Gershwin
Rhapsody in Blue

Elliott Gyger
From Joyous Leaves: concerto for piano and chamber orchestra (2015) *#

Rolf Hind
Tiger’s Nest, concerto for percussion, two pianos and gamelan orchestra (2015)*#

Daniel Rojas
Concierto para Piano y Orquesta: Latinoamericanismos (2006, cadenza by Zubin Kanga)*#

Olivier Messiaen
La Ville d’en Haut for piano and orchestra (1987)


Solo Piano

Michel van der Aa
Transit (piano, electronics and video) (2009)+#

Peter Ablinger
Voices and Piano (excerpts) (1998-2013)

Thomas Adés                                                           Darknesse Visible (1992)   

Timo Andres
At the River (2011)

Newton Armstrong
Three Windows (with electronics) (2010)+#

Johann Sebastian Bach
Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata No. 32, Op. 111

George Benjamin
Shadowlines (2001)#
Piano Figures (2004)#

Alban Berg
Sonata Op. 1 (1906)

Daniel Blinkhorn
FrostBYte: Chalk Outline for piano, electronics and video (2015)*#

Anne Boyd
Anklung (1976)

Johannes Brahms
Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Books I and II, op. 35

John Bull                                                       Fantasia No. 1

Nigel Butterley
Uttering Joyous Leaves (1981)#

William Byrd                                                             ‘Earl of Salisbury’ Pavan

John Cage                                                                  Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano (1946-1948)
Suite for Toy Piano (1948)           

Benjamin Carey
_derivations for solo instrument and electronics (2010)#

Elliott Carter
Night Fantasies (1980)

Philip Cashian
Slow Moon (1999)#

Frederic Chopin
Barcarolle, Op. 60                                      Mazurkas (selections)
Etudes Op 10 Nos 1, 5, 9, 10, 12
Etudes Op 25 Nos 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12
Polonaise-Fantasie, Op. 61
Sonata in B-flat minor (“Funeral March”), op. 35
Scherzo No. 1, Op. 20

Laurence Crane                                                        20th Century Music (1999)#

Drew Crawford
The Nun’s Picnic (or Variations on a Theme sung by Tammy Wynette) (2010)*# 
In that Corner, in that very room: A piano suite after the Preludes of Chopin (2010)*#

George Crumb
Makrokosmos (Volume I) (1974)

Michael Cryne
Broken Clockwork (2011)*#

Julian Day
“Stagger Heart”, “At Last We Win” and “Dumbo” from Bad   Blood (2011)*#
Dark Twin for piano and electronics (2015)*#

Adam de la Cour
Transplant the Movie! for piano, electronics and video (2016)*#                                                         The Virginal Grimoire (2017)

Claude Debussy
Preludes Books I and II (selections)

John Dowland                                                            Melancholy Galliard

Ross Edwards
Kumari (1980)#

Paul Evernden
Amid Red Leaves Hung with Guitars (2008)*#

Gabriel Faure
Nocturne No. 5

Morton Feldman
Piano Piece 1952

Michael Finnissy
“Midsummer Morn” from English Country-Tunes (1977)#
Nos 3 and 19 from Verdi Transcriptions (1972-2006)#
“They Can’t Take That Away From Me” from Gershwin Arrangements (1988)#
Z/K (2012)*#

Orlando Gibbons                                              ‘Lord Salisbury’ Pavan and Galliard

Alberto Ginastera
Sonata No. 1 (1953)

David Gorton
Orfordness (2012)*#                                                 Farnabye’s Maske (2017)*#

Elliott Gyger
…out of obscurity (2012)*#

Georg Frederich Haas
Three Hommages for two pianos, tuned a quarter-tone apart (1984). 

Andrew Hamilton                                                     Hunt in the Forest of Ros (2015)

Andrew Harrison
“the drumfire was incessant and continued all night with unabated fury” (2012)*#

Bryn Harrison                                                            Piano Set (Six Miniatures) (2005) 

Jonathan Harvey
Tombeau de Messiaen (with electronics) (1994)

Joseph Haydn
Sonata in C minor, Hob. XVI/20
Variations in F minor Hob. XVII/6

Morgan Hayes                                             Elemental 9 (first half of the pavan) (2017)*#

Alex Hills
Injera (2005)*#

Rolf Hind
The Towers of Silence (2007)+#

Simon Holt
“Figurine” from A Book of Colours

Cate Hope
The Fourth Estate for piano, e-bows and AM radios (2015)*#

Phil Jameson
Prelude and Fugue (2011)*#

Zubin Kanga                                                             Studies in Portraiture (2017)*

Elena Kats-Chernin
Purple Prelude (1996)                                               Butterflying (2003) 

Johannes Kreidler
Slot Machines (with electronics) (2009)#               Study for piano, video and audio playback (2011)#

Helmut Lachenmann
Guero (1969 rev. 1980)

Nicola LeFanu
A Postcard for Bernard and Mary Loughlin (2006)#
A Letter to Cesca and Lluis (2008)*#

Liza Lim
The Four Seasons (after Cy Twombly) (2009)+ #

Franz Liszt
“Valée d’Obermann” from Années de Pèlerinage

Nicole Lizée                                                 Hitchcock Études for piano, electronics and video.+

Matthew Locke                                           Keyboard Suite No. 3

Neil Luck
2018 for piano and electronics (2016)*#

David Lumsdaine
6 Postcard Pieces (1994)#

Ruaidhri Mannion                                                     Unravel and Ruin for piano and live electronics (2017)*#

Adrian Mansukhani
Dance Remix (2004) *#

Sofia Marita
Piano Sonata (2009)*#

Elo Masing
studies in resonance II (2013)*#

Cyrus Meurant
Interludes (2002) * #
Preludes (2003) * #
3 Pieces for Piano (2003) * #
3 Night Pieces (2009)*#

Olivier Messiaen
No. 19, Je dors, mais mon cœur veille from Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus (1944)
Canteyodjaya (1949)
Le Courlis Cendre from Catalogue d’Oiseaux (1958)

Anthony Moles
Diabolic Machines (2011)*#

Claudia Molitor
Tango (2007)+#

Kate Moore
Sensitive Spot (with electronics) (2006)+ #           Spin Bird (2008)+                                                      Blood Moon Octobe for piano and electronics (2015)+                                                                        Bestiary for piano and electronics (2016)*#

Alex Nikiporenko                                                      I Love Nature and Everything Around Me (2017)*#

Per Nørgård
Turn (1973)

Patrick Nunn
Morphosis for piano, 3D sensors and live electronics (2014)*
Seven Cryptograms (2015)*#

Rosalind Page
Being and Time II: Tabula Rasa (2012)*#

Tim Parkinson                                                          2016 No. 1 (2016)*#

Nicholas Peters                                                         Cube (2017)*#

Alex Pozniak
Crush (2008)*#
Interventions (2010)*#

Stefan Prins
Piano Hero #1 for MIDI keyboard, live video and electronics (2012)+#

Henry Purcell                                                           Ground in C minor

Robert Ratcliffe
Mutations (for piano and electronics) (2010)*

Maurice Ravel
Valses Nobles et Sentimentales (1911)
Gaspard de la nuit (1913)

Steve Reich
Piano Counterpoint for piano and electronics (arr. Vincent Corver, 2011)

Damien Ricketson
Porfyrius’ Shuffle (2006)+#                                    The Day After Drowning for piano and electronics (2016)*#

Daniel Rojas
Danza de Montanas – (2003 revised 2006)*# 
Entre Bajos y Alturas (2011)

Michael Alec Rose
Sui Generis (2014)*

Frederic Rzewski
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues from North American Ballads (1978)

Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in G major, K. 13

Arnold Schoenberg
Six Little Pieces for Piano, Op 19

Alexander Scriabin
Etudes, Op. 42 Nos 1, 3, 4 and 5
Sonata No. 5

Peter Sculthorpe
Night Pieces (1970)
Harbour Dreaming (2000)

Charlie Sdraulig
collector (2015)*#

Ian Shanahan
Arc of Light (1993)#^
153 Infinities (solo piano version) (1996) *

Dmitri Shostakovich
Prelude and Fugues No. 1 in C Major andNo. 8 in F# minor, from 24 Preludes and Fugues

Howard Skempton
Guitar Caprice (2004)#
Starlight (2004)#

Jane Stanley
Diptych (2012)*#

Michael Smetanin
Stroke (1988)#^

Paul Smith
Game Over (2009)*#

Toru Takemitsu
For Away (1975)

Nicholas Vines
Uncanny Valley (2011)*#

Param Vir
Intimations of Luminous Clarity (2013)*#

Marcus Whale
Errata (2012)*#                                                          Frontier for piano, video and electronics (2016)*#

David Young
Not Music Yet (2012)*#

Sergei Zagny                                                             Piece No. 2 (1990)                                                      Piece No. 3 (1990)

Chamber/Ensemble (selected) 

David Adamcyk
Avant La Larme for soprano, alto saxophone, piano and electronics (2008)+ 

John Adams
Hoodoo Zepyhyr (arr for 4 pianos, 2 keyboards by Charlie Piper) (1993/2010)*#

Louis Andriessen    
Workers Union (1975)
Hoketus for large ensemble (1976)

Max Boon
Sonnet for soprano and piano (2010)*#

Leonard Bernstein
Symphonic Dances from West Side Story (arr. John Musto for two pianos)

Oscar Bettison
Liminal for six pianos and percussion (2009)*#

Diana Blom
Genji and the Koto Player for Violin and Piano (2009)*#

Pierre Boulez                                                           Derive 1 for sextet (1984)  

Anne Boyd
Cloudy Mountain (arr. by Riley Lee and Zubin Kanga for shakuhachi flute and piano)

John Cage
Six Melodies for violin and piano (1950)

Phil Cashian
Chamber Concerto #

Christian Winther Christensen
A Fall from Perfect Ground (2009) #

Tristan Coelho
Read/Write Error for sextet (2015)*#

Bruce Crossman
Broke not Bruised-Reed (2009)* #

George Crumb
Eleven Echoes of Autumn (1966) for violin, flute, clarinet and piano                                                     Vox Balaenae for flute, cello and piano (1971)         Apparition (1979) for soprano and piano

Joe Cutler
Koroviev’s Tricks (2004) for piano and percussion

Claude Debussy
Sonata for violin and piano

Georgy Dorokhov
Under Construction (2010)*

Pascal Dusapin
Passion (chamber opera) (2009)

Morton Feldman
Why Patterns? for piano, glockenspiel and flutes (1978) 
Crippled Symmetry for Piano/Celeste, percussion and flutes (1987) 

Michael Finnissy
Wild Flowers (1974)
Chi Mei Ricercari for cellist (on 7 cellos) and piano (2015)

Mary Finsterer
Silva for percussion and five instruments (2012)*#

Cor Fuhler
Please Shoot my Hovercraft for violin and piano (2014)*

Beat Furrer
Lied for violin and piano (1993)

George Gershwin
Cuban Overture, arr two pianos

Alberto Ginastera
Pampeana No. 2 for cello and piano
Sonata for cello and piano

David Gorton
Fosdyke Wash for piano quintet (2010)* # 

Philip Glass
Music with Changing Parts (1971)

Grisey Grisey
Talea for five instruments (1986) 
Vortex Temporum for piano and five instruments (1996) +

Erik Griswold
Action Music (for any small ensemble) (2013)

Jonathan Harvey
The Riot for flute, clarinet and piano (1993)
Flight Elegy for violin and piano (1989)

Alexandra Hay
Love Song on a Theme by Walt Whitman (2010) for soprano and piano. 

Morgan Hayes
The Black Cap for piano, four hands (2015)*#

Rolf Hind
Sunnata for six pianos (2006) #

Matthew Hindson
Repetepetition for flulte and piano (2013)

Heinz Holliger
Mamounia for percussion and five instruments +

Philippe Hurel
Tombeau in Memorium Gerard Grisey (1999)

Charle Ives
Three Quarter-Tone Pieces for two pianos (1924)

Elena Katz-Chernin
Menschen am Sontag (film score performed live with the film at the 2005 Sydney Film Festival) for large ensemble (2005)+
Eliza Aria (arr. Piccolo and piano) (2003)

Johannes Kreidler
Money for five instruments (2012)*#
Charts Music (arr. for five instruments) (2012)*#

Helmut Lachenmann
Got Lost for soprano and piano (2008)

György Ligeti
“Self Portrait Riley and Reich (and a little Chopin)” from Three Pieces for two pianos. 

Matthew Locke
Tempest Suite, arr for piano and percussion by Zubin Kanga

David Lumsdaine
Flights for two pianos (1967)
Kangaroo Hunt (1971) for piano and percussion

Ben Lunn
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Life (2014)*

Steve Mackey
Microconcerto for Percussion and five instruments +

Steve Martland
Drill for two pianos (1987)

Olivier Messiaen
Quatuor pour la fin du temps
Visions de l’Amen for two pianos (selections)

Cyrus Meurant
Structures for quintet (2002) * #
Viola Concerto for viola and large ensemble (2003) * #
This Tense for octet (Ballet score - 2007)*#

Anthony Moles
Trigger (2009) for piano and percussion#
Turning (2011) for cello and piano*#

Kate Moore
Heather for violin and piano (2014)*

Conlon Nancarrow
Study No. 6 and Study No. 7 for player piano (arr. Thomas Adés for two pianos (2009)

Luigi Nono
Polifonica-Monodia-Ritmica (1950) 

Michael Norris
Save Yourself (2012)*#

Patrick Nunn
Läuten (2007) for quintet *#

Mark Oliveiro
Il Garrot (2010) for soprano and piano*#

Rosaljnd Page
Sonetos del amor Oscuro for soprano and piano(2009)*#
Being and Time I: Lacrimae Rerum for flute, cello and piano (2012)*#

Anthony Pateras
Broken then Fixed then Broken (2009)

Astor Piazzolla
Le Grande Tango for cello and piano
Le Grand Tango (arr. for two pianos) 
Libertango (arr. two pianos)

Larry Polansky
Ensembles of Note for open ensemble (1988) 

Karl Aage Rasmussen
Genklang (1972)

Daniel Rojas
Sonata for soprano and piano (2010) *#     
La Gran Salsa for two pianos (2015)*#
Brother for two pianos (2015)*#    

Fausto Romitelli
Professor Bad Trip (for large ensemble) (1998-2000)
An Index of Metals (chamber opera for soprano, ensemble, electronics and video) (2003)

Krzysztof Penderecki
Three Miniatures for violin and piano. 

Steve Reich
Music for 18 Musicians (1976)#
Tehillim (1981) for large ensemble
Eight Lines for large ensemble (1985)
The Desert Music (arr. for large ensemble) (1983)
Music for Vibes, Pianos and Strings (2005)#

Terry Riley
In C (1964)

Jeffrey Ryan
Burn for quintet (2010)* #

Esa-Pekka Salonen
Floof (songs of a Homeostatic Homer) for soprano and quintet (1982)+

Arnold Schoenberg
Das Buch der hängenden Gärten (The Book of the Hanging Gardens) for soprano and piano, Op. 15

Andrew Schultz
Twittering Machine for clarinet, viola, cello and piano (1988)

Robert Schumann
Piano Quartet, Op. 47

Matthew Shlomowitz
Northern Cities for two performers. 

Howard Skempton
May Pole for any number of performers#

Jane Stanley
Spindrift/Interiors for piano, mandolins and recorders (2003)

Simon Steen-Anderson
On and Off and To and Fro for vibraphone, clarinet, cello and 3 players with megaphones (2008)+

Paul Steenhuisen
Copralite Analysis: Sample - Mozart Symphony No. 40 for piano and percussion (2010)*#

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Kontrapunkte for ten instruments

Fabian Svensson
Two Sides for sextet (2010)*

Nicholas Tzortzis
Mnesique for quintet (2010)*

Hector Villa-Lobos
Pequena Suite for cello and piano

Nicholas Vines
Torrid Nature Scene for two sopranos and ensemble (2009)+#

Claude Vivier
Piece for violin and piano (1975)

Juan Felipe Waller
Detone Retune for percussion and five players (2014)*

Rolf Wallin
The Age of Wire and String (2006)

Judith Weir
Piano Quartet (2005)#                                              Several Concertos for flute, cello and piano (1980)#

Felicity Wilcox
Uncovered Ground for sextet (2015)*#

Iannis Xenakis
Dikhthas for violin and piano (1979)
Plekto for sextet (1993)