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WIKIPIANO at Free Range

Free Range is proud to present the internationally established contemporary music pianist Zubin Kanga performing new multi-media pieces for piano and electronics.

Zubin Kanga performs newly commissioned works that expand the possibilities of the piano through electronics, film and magnets. This concert includes Alexander Schubert’s WIKI-PIANO.NET, a work featuring a website that allows the public to edit the score and multimedia parts, creating a constantly evolving work that explores internet culture. Visit the website to make your own edits before the performance. Scott McLaughlin uses super-charged e-bows and magnetic resonators to create otherworldly sounds from the piano. Finally, Adam de la Cour’s Transplant the Movie 2!: Operation ‘Re-Rise’ Dark Returntakes inspiration from 80s action and spy movies, as well as 80s video games, with a secret agent going undercover as a cocktail pianist to infiltrate an evil syndicate.

Zubin invites everyone to contribute to WIKI-PIANO.NET prior to, and during, the concert. All kinds of content are welcome and will become part of the performance: http://

The opening set features an eight-piece ensemble performing music by Lawrence Crane and John Cage. Am Horizont is a concert series run by the composer Sam Messer, and tonight they present a performance of Octet by Lawrence Crane. Crane has written of his work: “I use simple and basic musical objects; common chords and intervals, arpeggios, drones, cadences, fragments of scales and melodies. The materials may seem familiar – perhaps even rather ordinary – but my aim is to find a fresh beauty in these objects by placing them in new structural and formal contexts”.

Zubin Kanga playing to Transplant: The Movie!