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Klang Festival, Copenhagen (Cinema Concert)


For a whole day, KLANG festival interacts with live images for a series of concerts at the Cinematheque. In different ways, picture media and music reflect each other, including brand new pieces written for a specific film sequence in the Talkshow concert and with a movie made for an orchestral piece, and a movie about the same orchestral piece and its composer. By experiencing the entire KLANG i CINEMATEKET, you will be able to dive into the interaction between newly composed music and live images in many different ways.



An old man in his home is the image side, sounds from the film and the pianist who plays is the soundtrack in Michael Van der Aas Transit from 2009. The third element that connects sound and image is piano recordings that have been edited and become part of the film sound universe. In addition to Van der Aas's piece, Zubin Kanga world premieres two pieces by Claudia Molitor and Mads Emil Dreyer, who both interact with live images.


Michael Van der Aa: Transit
Claudia Molitor: You touched the twinkle on the helix of my ear
Mads Emil Dreyer: *Lys 5  UROPFØRELSE


* The piece is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

Earlier Event: May 8
Zubin Kanga: Wikipiano