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Rhythmic Kaleidoscopes at St John's Smith Square

Rhythmic Kaleidoscopes

John Luther Adams - Nunataks

Julia Wolfe - Earring

Cage - In a Landscape

David Lang - Cage

Frederic Rzewski - Piano Piece No. 4

Terry Riley - Piano Study No. 1

John Adams - Phrygian Gates

In Rhythmic Kaleidescopes, Zubin Kanga performs a wide variety of American piano music, featuring rhythmic patterns and vibrant colours. It features the classic mimimalist work, Piano Study No. 1 by Terry Riley, the mysterious landscapes of John Luther Adams’ Nunataks and the virtuosic explosion of melody in Rzweski’s Piano Piece No. 4.

The centerpiece of the programme is one of the great post-minimal works – John Adams’ epic masterpiece, Phrygian Gates.