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Rhythmic Kaleidoscopes at St John's Smith Square

Rhythmic Kaleidoscopes

In Rhythmic Kaleidoscopes, pianist Zubin Kanga performs a wide variety of American minimalist and post-minimalist works, featuring rhythmic drive and vibrant colours. It features the hypnotic Keyboard Study No. 1 by Terry Riley, the mysterious landscapes of John Luther Adams’ Nunataks, John Cage's undulating In a Landscape, and Frederic Rzewski's virtuosic Piano Piece No. 4. The centrepiece is John Adams’ epic masterpiece, Phrygian Gates. Bookings and info at:


John Luther Adams – Nunataks
Julia Wolfe – Earring
John Cage – In a Landscape
David Lang – Cage
Frederic Rzewski – Piano Piece No. 4
Terry Riley – Keyboard Study No. 1
John Adams – Phrygian Gates

Zubin Kanga, solo piano