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The Cyborg Hand (Berlin)

Cyborg Pianist, presented by Unerhörte Musik, Berlin 

In The Cyborg Hand, acclaimed new music pianist, Zubin Kanga presents new works by British, Australian, German and Canadian composers that extend and subvert the body of the performer using immersive multimedia. Drawing on tropes from sci-fi and horror, the recital features motion sensors, aerial drone footage, doppelganger pianists, deformed Hitchcock films, drowning pianos, glitch, mutant hands, doom metal and retro synth sounds.


Marcus Whale (Australia) – Frontier (2016) for piano, electronics and video (German premiere)

Damien Ricketson (Australia) – The Day after Drowning (2016) for piano and live electronics (German premiere)

Johannes Kreidler (Germany) – Study for piano, audio and video playback (2011)

Neil Luck (UK) – 2018 (2016) for piano and electronics (German premiere)

Adam de la Cour (UK) – Transplant the Movie! (2016) for piano, electronics and video (German premiere)

Nicole Lizée (Canada) – Hitchcock Études (2011) for piano, electronics and video (German premiere)

Patrick Nunn (UK) – Morphosis (2014) for piano, 3D sensors and live electronics (German premiere)

Kate Moore (Australia) – Bestiary (2016) for piano, digital pedals and live electronics (German premiere)